The Minotaur is’n You

The Minotaur is’n You is a speculative set design based in a small rectangular space. It takes the Greek Myth – Theseus and the Minotaur and projects it into a modern day scenario. It follows the idea that the Minotaur became a monster as a consequence of the isolation and oppressive environment he lived in.

The Mintoaur Is’n you is a short immersive dance theatre performance that is set in a corridor. The audience enters the space and is confronted with what looks like an ordinary corridor. They follow a performer who is dressed in a full suit down the space. With each turn, the space progressively deteriorates, and the performer is seen as visually more agitated. He (or she) starts ripping the clothes off his body as the space has more of an impact on his behaviour as he walks through it. His movement also gets progressively more distorted and jerky. The audiences watches through the clear walls as he makes his way to the middle of this labyrinth of corridors. His body contorts itself in impossible movements as he dances to exhaustion and collapses to the floor.

The performance is taking a look at the possibility of our environments having an impact on us. It questions how someone becomes a monster and tries to suggest that anyone could become one if kept in such isolation and oppression.